Lake Wylie spans across two states and three counties. That’s a lot of territory for one website to cover. Our goal is provide the best resource for the Lake Wylie area. To accomplish that, we will need your help, local bloggers and photographers!!

Whether you live on the water, or around Lake Wylie we need local bloggers and photographers to contribute to the site because it will help cultivate a complete snapshot of our community.

BLOGGERS: If you enjoy writing and are interested in writing about your area of the Lake, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out to us through the contact link. NOTE: this website is built to highlight the amazing Lake Wylie area. If your interest is to only write about things that bother you, this isn’t the site for that. We are looking for positive vibes and current topics the Lake Wylie area is facing. These can be controversial topics, but we are not looking for bloggers who just want to vent.


PHOTOGRAPHERS: Have an iPhone? Drone maybe? Or are you a professional photographer with the whole range of equipment? WE NEED YOU! Curating a site about Lake Wylie and all the areas surrounding it requires A LOT of photos. We need high quality pictures of the lake, each little town around the lake. Photos of things to do and places to go! It never ends the need for good quality images. If you would like some or all of your photos to be featured on our site, please reach out to us through the contact link.

Also, feel free to connect with us on our Facebook Page!

*For both Bloggers and Photographers, if you are willing to consistently contribute to the site, we will compensate you for your submissions.