Charlotte/Douglas International Airport Overlook

Charlotte/Douglas International Airport Overlook
Large area provided for up close observation of various aircraft taking off and landing. Picnic area provided for families. Park benches provided. Can enjoy experience from the comfort of your car. Bring your camera and binoculars. Unique experience for anyone young or old that has an appreciation for the awesomeness of flight. Open from 8am til 10:30pm daily. There are no restroom facilities. Please see note at bottom before travelling long distances……

For GPS users – The address for the Overlook is:
4355 Airport Overlook Drive

To find the Overlook from Interstate 485: Take the Wilkinson Blvd Exit East. Turn right onto Little Rock Road. This will turn into Old Dowd Road which you will follow around to the first left past the end of the runway. There will be a sign indicating the overlook. Follow the road (Airport Overlook Drive) to the fence. The Overlook will be on your left.
Please note – Marshall Drive approach, well before Little Rock Road, will bring you to the end of the runway. Turn right at the stop sign and look for first left (Airport Overlook Drive). Then continue as mentioned above.

From Billy Graham Parkway: Take the Airport Exit. Follow to the airport parkway to the stop light @ Old Dowd Road, just before the main entrance to the airport. Turn right on Old Dowd Road. Turn left at the stop light (still Old Dowd Road) and continue to the first left beyond the end of the runway. Follow road (Airport Overlook Drive) to the fence. The Overlook will be on the left.

Suggest checking out Google Earth for map view.

PLEASE NOTE!!!! – There are “quiet times” for roughly 30 to 40 minute intervals with little activity. Checking departure times in particular would be advised so any long distance trips will be more fruitful, especially for small children. (This Page is NOT administrated by Charlotte/Douglas International Airport)