Duke Energy controls the level of water on Lake Wylie and thus has control over potential flooding. However, that is a somewhat difficult challenge to always get right.

Lake Wylie’s lake level is measured and reported from the southern dam. A lake level reading of 100′ (its max)= the level of the lake being right at 569.4′ above sea level. At 100′ the water is flowing over the spillway at the southern dam. Duke Energy’s ‘Target Level’ is where they try to keep the lake level which is 97′ (measured at the dam, not related to water depth).

The lake level is managed by the inflow of water at the northern dam between Wylie and Mtn. Island dam, and the outflow of water at the southern side dam flowing into the Catawba River. When projected rain is in the forecast, usually Duke Energy has enough time to allow enough outflow of water to lower the lake level. When consecutive days of rain start to build up and the inflow of rain water is greater than the amount of water Duke can let out of the dam, we get flooding.


At the time of this writing Lake Wylie is at 98.3′ and we have a solid 6 days of incoming rain forecasted. Duke Energy more than likely can not move enough water in time for the forthcoming inflow of rain water.

Be prepared for unusually high water and with that, debris in the waterway.

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