Lake Wylie is a relatively small lake compared to Norman or other lakes around the country. However, we still have a few very helpful apps that you should have if you live or play around Lake Wylie.

  1. Catawba Riverkeeper app: Helps you check lake levels easily. However, the main reason to use this app is to report pollution. If you don’t report it, the right people won’t know about it. If you see someone dumping ANYTHING in Lake Wylie, report it here.
  2. Swim Guide app: This app is managed by organizations across the country to inform citizens of whether or not public waterways are safe to swim in. You can select Lake Wylie and see multiple areas of the lake that are tested regularly.
  3. Navionics app: A great app for knowing the lake bottom topography. It uses the GPS location on your phone and gives you a pretty good idea of what depth of water you are in.
  4. MyRadar app: If you are going to be on the water, you need to keep up with the radar. Afternoon thunderstorms come through the area frequently in the summer. Stay knowledgeable of incoming weather with this free app. This is also helpful if you want to determine how long and when you need to pull into Papa Doc’s for a pitstop!

Ill update this page as I hear about more apps that are great for the Lake Wylie area! In the meantime, feel free to join our Facebook page to stay updated instantly! If you have any app suggestions, drop us a line on the contact us page.