I write a lot of blogs about ‘Lake Wylie’. I find myself in even more conversations about ‘Lake Wylie’. Neither of these are specific to just on the water. Charlotte and the surrounding areas all sit on the banks of Lake Wylie.

Without fail, each blog or conversation I find myself in, I get some yahoos who argue with me over what is or isn’t the ‘Lake Wylie area’.

Some people feel that only things inside the unincorporated town of Lake Wylie, SC should be called ‘Lake Wylie’. I am not one of those people. If you live on or very close to the lake, you probably simply tell people you live on or near Lake Wylie.

To that end, I wanted to specify what I felt was the ‘Lake Wylie area’. When I talk about things effecting ‘Lake Wylie’ I do not mean just on the water, I mean this area as a whole.

So, here it is:

Anything within a roughly 3-mile distance from the centerline of the main channel, running from the South HydroElectric Dam to North HydroElectric Dam.

I have detailed this area on the map below:

Generally speaking, this area includes anything lakeside of streets like 274, lakeside of 160, lakeside of 485, etc. 

Is this in anyway an official area? NO. Who is the authority on what is or isn’t in the ‘Lake Wylie area’? GOOD QUESTION. One could argue that question best to maybe Duke Energy or possibly the Catawba River Foundation.

My definition of what is or isn’t in the Lake Wylie area is based on my perception. For instance, I include Rivergate as apart of the Lake Wylie area even though it is not lakeside of 160 because it is my perception that while I am at Rivergate, I still feel close to the lake and still within that ‘community’. Others would say that Rivergate is in Steele Creek. Of course, Rivergate is in Steele Creek. But my point is, it is also apart of the Lake Wylie community.

So…. moving forward when someone has some snippy comment on Facebook or Insta about what is or isn’t #LKW, I will simply send them a link to here and smile.

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