Build Your Own Glamping or Tiny Home Community on Catawba River

It is rare I bring up opportunities like this, because they rarely come around. These get bought up fast and quickly turned into huge profit generating machines.

There is a lot for sale on the Catawba River (far north side of Lake Wylie) that is zoned for an RV park. This lot can be used for tiny homes, glamping, camping, etc. Has a lot of of shoreline (with some of that tucked away in a little feeder creek).

If you are curious about what the success of a tiny home community could be, look at Long Cove Marina. They started off with buying a marina that had a few year around RV rental sites on them. They vacated those renters and turned the entire RV park into a Tiny Home STR rental glamping site. The profits have been outstanding. *Granted their location is centrally located on Lake Wylie.

This opportunity is in a much less dense area and harder to get to. However, as the River District comes in and Charlotte continues to expand westward, this area will continue to grow.

If you are interested in a business opportunity like this, email me.

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